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This list provides Rochester area activists associated with various left/liberal/progressive causes with a way to inform others of like mind about EVENTS that are being held - or ACTIONS that are being taken - in the region. The goals are to maximize community participation in all of upcoming EVENTS/ACTIONS; to make it easier for activists to get the word out about upcoming EVENTS/ACTIONS; and to minimize conflicts between those EVENTS/ACTIONS.


You may subscribe to the Rochester ANNOUNCE listserv by sending a message to:


The Rochester EVENT/ACTION ANNOUNCEMENT list is moderated to ensure only Rochester-related event/action announcements of interest to progressives in Rochester are posted. Messages may take as long as 36-48 hours to be posted. Please do not send multiple posts. If your message does not appear in a reasonable amount of time, please send an inquiry to:


Membership in this list is open to the public. So, you should assume that your message will be read by the media, government agencies, etc. Every approved message will be posted to ALL subscribers. So, please use good judgment when posting. No one likes duplicate messages & cross-postings.


Generally, EVENTS held by not-for-profit progressive organizations are welcome on this list. Events held by for-profit organizations are generally not welcome. Exceptions to this rule of thumb are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Messages posted by electoral groups/committees will not be forwarded to list subscribers except when the event/action is issue-based and the event/action is sponsored by at least one other (non-electoral) progressive group. In such cases, the electoral organization/committee may be mentioned as one of the event sponsors and brief contact information may be included. However, the list moderator(s) reserve the right to edit any such message without prior notice so that the event/action is the focus rather than the electoral group/committee. In any case, messages whose content is focused on organizational meetings or fundraising events for electoral groups/committees will be refused.


An event may be posted once each week. You may post an event as far in advance as you think appropriate. Most people do not read their email minute-by-minute, though, so you may want to allow for a week notice or more. It pays to plan ahead.


Posters take full responsibility for the basic content of their messages. Messages that correct errors in prior posts or clarify prior posts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


The moderator reserves the right to edit posts so that time, date, place, &/OR event contact information are more evident. In addition, the moderator reserves the right to edit the subject line so that it accurately reflects the content of the post.


Please be advised. Your message to ANNOUNCE may be rejected for one or more of the following reasons:


-- Your message is not an announcement for an event/activity in the Rochester Metro area.


-- The purpose of your event does not fit within the mission and/or parameters of this list.


-- Your message is missing critical information that local activists must know if they are to participate (e.g, location, time, day, etc.).


-- Your message has a file attachment. This list does not accept messages with file attachments.


-- This message has already been forwarded to subscribers within the last several days. Messages may be re-posted only once each week.


-- Your message appears to be promoting a for-profit enterprise. If your message seeks to encourage local activists to purchase products whose proceeds support a local progressive cause, please focus on the product & the cause. Any mention of the business(es) where the product may be purchased should be reduced to the barest minimum. Information about this sort of activity should be linked an individuals name or an organization rather than the business.


-- Your message included the names and/or email addresses of people other than yourself in the "CC" or "TO" section. This is considered by most people to be an inappropriate sharing of personal contact information in an insecure environment. Should you wish to re-send this message, please exclude any addresses other than your own. You can, however, "BCC" ("Blind Carbon Copy") others if you wish to distribute this announcement to others outside of this listserv. Names & addresses that are included on your "BCC" address line will not appear to those who receive your message. For more information on how to "BCC" an email message please consult your email software Help section.


In any case, the coordinators/moderators of this list reserve the right to refuse postings at their sole discretion.

PLEASE NOTE: The Rochester DISCUSS list is not operating at this time due to technical difficulties. The list should be back up sometime in the next several weeks.


The Rochester DISCUSSION list is just what it sounds like: a place for left/liberal/progressive thinkers to exchange ideas & work on issues together.


Any member of this list may post their thoughts & ideas to the list simply by sending an email message (TEXT ONLY - NO ATTACHMENTS) to:


The Rochester DISCUSS list is N-O-T moderated. Any message you post will instantly appear in every other member’s email box. Obviously, members are wise to use discretion when posting—avoid forwarding large articles, etc. Large posts may well cause other members to unsubscribe. Try to make your point(s) as directly as possible.


If you have any questions, please post them to:


Membership in this list is also open to the public.  o, you should assume that your messages will be read by the media, government agencies, etc.  Every message will be posted to ALL subscribers. So, please use good judgment when posting. As above, no one likes duplicate messages & cross-postings.


DIGEST format is not currently available for If all goes well with the ANNOUNCE list, we will roll the DIGEST out to DISCUSS. Stay tuned.

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