When you join this e-mail based EVENT/ACTION ANNOUNCEMENT listserv you will be part of a growing community of activists that share important EVENTS & ACTIONS around our community with each other.


The Rochester ANNOUNCE email list is a web network of activists committed to sharing information about upcoming EVENTS/ACTIONS. The moderator passes event information on to literally HUNDREDS of local activists like you!


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PLEASE NOTE: The Rochester DISCUSS list is not operating at this time due to technical difficulties. The list should be back up sometime in the next several weeks.




When you join this e-mail based DISCUSSION listserv you will participate in an ongoing conversation between members that care about the issues you care about. Unmoderated free-wheeling email exchanges allow members to follow their ideas where ever they may lead. Feel free to chime in. We will all learn more as we grapple with issues & ideas as a community.


The Rochester DISCUSS list is currently down due to technical difficulties. This important discussion list should be up sometime this fall.

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