Progressive Celebration 2004

Progressive Celebration

March, 2003

Music, Food, Stories, Fun!

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Progressives from every organization -- across the broadest range of issues -- come together to celebrate our successes, share our stories, and prepare for the future as a community united. A united community can & will change the future of our region!


Whether your interests involve environmental issues, social/economic justice issues, peace, labor rights, or any other progressive issue this is your opportunity to help build an event that unites us all in common cause. We need your help!


The second half of 2004 is sure to present enormous challenges. From the Presidential election to land use issues to poverty & budget battles (& more) we must join together in common cause.


At Progressive Celebration 2004 we will gather our resources in preparation for the work we will undertake throughout this year.


Join in the fun & excitement of Progressive Celebration 2004!

Progressive Celebration

March, 2003

Purposes of the event:


The purpose of this event is to remember and renew our traditions of progressive activism (social movements for social change) in the Rochester community. Three panels of activists (themes: Labor, Women, Organizations) will share stories. The purposes of these panels are to bring together people who were active in various successful social movements here in Rochester in the 1960s, 70s, 80s & 90s, and to recollect collectively individual memories and experiences from those times.


We are asking panelists to talk about their own experiences as activists in the early years of these movements, their own involvements, the issues or problems, and actions taken, accomplishments, frustrations, as well as recollections of how these movements evolved over time. Through these recollections we hope to create a stronger sense of our shared history as a progressive community.


In addition, we are planning on videotaping each of the panel presentations, as an historical archive, and these recordings may also be shown on our local public access TV channel through IndyMedia.

Remembering and Renewing Rochester's Progressive Social Movements

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Progressive Celebration 2004

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The Environment
Democratic Rights
Church & State
Labor Rights
Economic Justice
Human Rights
Latin America
Social Justice
Civil Liberties
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