The Issue Mapping Project

There are lots of people out in our community that want to make a contribution but do not quite know how to connect their concerns with the organizations & individuals actually doing the work.


The Rochester Issue Map

seeks to answers these questions:


Who is out there working on these issues?


What work are they doing?


Where are they?


How can I help?


The Rochester Issue Map is a publication (available in print & electronic forms) that can be distributed to individuals, mass media, & organizations of all kinds. You might try to think of the Rochester Issue Map as a Progressive Yellow Pages with Issues as the primary sort criteria.


The concerned community, those of us actively working to make things better, have experienced the frustration of knowing there are other people out there also trying to make a difference. But where are they? How can I connect with them?


When you join with other voices, you avoid reinventing the wheel. Your voice is stronger and your work more effective.


Alliance for Democracy-Rochester, in cooperation with Greater Rochester Community of Churches, is collecting this information on our issues and the organizations and agencies that work on them. This useful tool will help us all advance our work.

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The Issue Mapping Project

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The Environment
Democratic Rights
Church & State
Labor Rights
Economic Justice
Human Rights
Latin America
Social Justice
Civil Liberties
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