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Alliance for Democracy-Rochester has been in existence since the 1990s. Local activist, Peter Mott, traveled to Texas after reading a provocative article in The Nation magazine by Ronnie Dugger. Peter heard the call to action & formed a local chapter of what would very quickly become a huge national organization, the Alliance for Democracy.


Membership in the local chapter does not require any local dues. We ask that interested parties join the national Alliance for Democracy (a $1 minimum contribution is required, $35 is suggested). Click here to join the national Alliance for Democracy.


The local chapter raises all its funds through individual contributions & non-governmental, private foundation grants.


Members of the local chapter meet every six to eight weeks with project-based committees doing an enormous amount of work in between chapter meetings.


A small coordinating group meets regularly to help the chapter deal with its day-to-day business.

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AfD-R Chapter Info & Contacts

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The Environment
Democratic Rights
Church & State
Labor Rights
Economic Justice
Human Rights
Latin America
Social Justice
Civil Liberties
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